Tuesday Night Road Rides

We’re always looking for people who are interested in serving as a ride leader. If you are interested please let Eric Phillips know.

We ride laps on the 7 mile loop defined in the link below. If you have a GPS computer, you can download the file. Otherwise, study the route and know where all the roads are in relation to where you plan to start. The number of laps depends on group speed and the amount of daylight we have. The group may split into groups of varying skill level. Most of us are B or C riders. If it is your first time riding with the group and aren’t sure, please let the ride leader know. Otherwise, they may make the wrong assumption which could result in you struggling to keep up with the pace. If you find the pace is too much. PLEASE, let someone know so we can adjust the pace. We don’t mind and we’d rather you enjoy yourself and continue to join our rides.

This ride leaves the park promptly at 6pm. If you pull in to the parking lot exactly at 6pm, you will probably be waving at us as we are rolling out. You are welcome to try to catch up.

Some people are like to meet at Skinny Wheels Bike Shop prior to the ride and then we ride back into town after the ride and usually grab a bite to eat and a cold beverage somewhere. Any and all are welcome. We will leave from the shop no later than 5:45pm. If you are arriving at 5:45 ride/drive on over to the park. If you can not make it by one of the other times noted, you may park at the Prescott Road Greenway entrance and joins us when we pass through.

Review route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26977882

Skill Levels
A-Group (20+mph): This group will not have a ride leader and may or may not adhere to the predetermined route. This is generally not a “no-drop” ride. If you join this group, make sure you know the area and feel comfortable riding by yourself and be self-sufficient in getting back or handling mechanical issues on your own.

B-Group (17-19 mph): This group will adhere to a predetermined route. Riders in this group enjoy socializing while keeping a steady (and sometimes challenging) pace. The goal is to have fun and keep the group together.

C-Group (15-17 mph): This group is manageable for beginners but can still be challenging. This is a no-drop ride with regrouping stops if needed. It’s a great place to start if you are new to cycling or have been off the bike for a while. This group will generally follow the same predetermined route as the intermediate group picking up any riders that may have become separated from that group.

Note: Helmets are required. A headlight and taillight are recommended especially in the first few weeks.

A road bike is not required but is recommended for these rides. If you have aero bars, do not ride in them while in a group ride. Keep your hands close to your brakes at all times.

Choose the group based on your skill level. Please do not try to push the pace up. If you feel the group is too slow, go with the faster group next time. If the group is too fast, drop back to the next group.


September 29


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Bike Salisbury, NC

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Salisbury City Park

316 Lake Dr

Salisbury, NC, US, 28144